Mobile Equipment Repair Services in Somerville, NJ

Altus Equipment Company, based in Somerville, NJ, is an expert mobile equipment repair and maintenance provider specializing in heavy construction equipment. Our skilled team of heavy-duty mechanics is dedicated to keeping your construction equipment in peak performance condition, ensuring minimal downtime and maximizing productivity. Our services are available Monday through Friday, from 7:30AM to 5PM, and we proudly serve clients within a 50-mile radius.

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Servicing Areas Beyond Somerville, NJ

Expansive Reach for Maximum Convenience

Our mobility allows us to extend our reach beyond Somerville, catering to clients in New Jersey, Western PA; Trenton, NJ; Allentown, PA; Newark, NJ; and surrounding areas. If your construction site is within these regions, you can rest assured that our adept team is just a call away.

Onsite Equipment Repair Services

Expertise in a Wide Range of Heavy Equipment

At Altus Equipment Company, we understand the importance of having fully operational equipment at your construction site. Our trio of highly-skilled mechanics boasts extensive experience repairing and maintaining various types of heavy construction equipment, including excavators, bulldozers, pavers, forklifts, etc.

Comprehensive Inspection and Diagnosis

We begin our process by conducting a meticulous inspection of your machinery. We can swiftly identify underlying issues and determine the most efficient solution using cutting-edge diagnostic tools.

Prompt and Precise Repairs

Our mechanics carry various specialized tools and parts that enable them to perform on-the-spot repairs. Whether your equipment requires hydraulic repairs, engine troubleshooting, undercarriage maintenance, or electrical system fixes, our team ensures swift and precise resolutions.

Regular Maintenance to Prolong Equipment Lifespan

Tailored Maintenance Programs

We recognize that different machines have varying maintenance requirements. At Altus Equipment Company, we offer customizable maintenance programs that are tailored to suit the specific needs of your heavy construction equipment. Regular maintenance not only helps in averting major malfunctions but also prolongs the lifespan of your machinery.

Expert Maintenance Tips

Our team is also keen on sharing insightful maintenance tips that empower you to carry out preventive maintenance routines. This knowledge can be invaluable in mitigating wear and tear, ultimately saving you from costly repairs.

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Don’t let equipment breakdowns derail your construction project. With Altus Equipment Company at your service, you can expect prompt, efficient, and top-quality repair and maintenance for your heavy construction equipment. Call us today to schedule an appointment or to inquire more about our services. Our team is eager to assist you in keeping your construction machinery in optimal condition.

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The tech was very professional. We had the brakes changed on our fork lift, and are very happy with the service. They also gave us the most reasonable pricing, and were great about scheduling in a timely manner.

Omar Molina

5 star review

"I had a hub bearing go out on my truck. Butler's Truck Repair got me fixed up quickly and did great work at a very fair price. I highly recommend them for all repairs, from pickups to semi trucks. Thanks  to Sam for the great work."

Lift Trucks LLC

5 star review

"Sam was able to perform our brake repair and get us up and running in record time! He is extremely professional, and had all the parts and tools necessary to complete the job first time. We highly recommend him and give him a six star rating (out of five possible)! ❤️"


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Looking for a fulfilling career in the diesel repair industry? Join Altus Equipment Company in Somerville, New Jersey. We're a equipment repair shop looking for talented mechanics and technicians to join our team.

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